Energy Oil Cartridge

For a skip in your next step.

  • Expect gentle nudges compelling you to move and explore.

    Energy oil is consumed through our stylised, Thinc Pure vape pen. Free of smoke and smells, Energy oil delivers a cleaner and kinder cannabis experience.

    The oil lies within a replaceable cartridge, on top of a long-lasting, rechargeable battery. The battery is equipped with a USB extension, allowing you to charge it directly into your computer. See it for yourself.

  • Alert & Awake
    Cut up for days
    Focused and Zoned
    Chatty and talkative
    Full of passion
    Intense high
  • THC 70 - 72%
    CBD 30 - 35%
    CBG 8 - 10%
    THCV 0.1 - 1.5%
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