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Caffeine vs. Cannabis: The Double Standard Debunked

Dear coffee, I’m sorry, it’s not me, it’s you. You’re just not doing it for me anymore. Sincerely, cannabis.

Thousands of cups of coffee are consumed every day in Washington alone.

And nobody blinks an eye when you ask for an extra shot, or go back for your third Americano of the day. However, cannabis does not get the same normal treatment. Years of reinforcement and fearmongering back this up. Most of us were raised to be afraid of cannabis, and stay far away from it, but were encouraged to down a shot of espresso when we were feeling a little sleepy. So why is caffeine so accepted, while cannabis is generally so harshly frowned upon?

Well, for starters, caffeine often comes in a delicious drink with endless variations and flavors, in delightful packaging and mugs, while until recently, cannabis wasn’t as flexible or attractive. But there is much more to the double standard than just looks and taste. And caffeine isn’t as harmless as it’s made out to be, and cannabis isn’t as scary as it may sound.

Cannabis won’t leave you with an epic midday crash like caffeine will.


In fact, it won’t leave you feeling exhausted at all. Once the effects wear off, you may feel relaxed and content, with no headache or jitters in sight. You’ll be able to keep tackling the day long after you’re done using Thinc Pure, because it wasn’t made to give you a quick jolt, it was made to lift you up and enhance your routines and capabilities. Because caffeine blocks your receptors from processing Adenosine, the chemical that makes you feel tired, once it wears off, you can feel a rush of sleepiness all at once, while as with cannabis, there’s no sudden crash or headache. Just a natural, gradual incline and fading of the lighter-than-coffee feeling.

Cannabis hasn’t before been seen as a positive influence in your day, it has been seen as a bad habit, or a problem to eliminate.

When in reality, it can be much more beneficial than caffeine because it won’t leave you with a headache or feeling desperate for a nap. It can make you feel light on your feet, and give you the push you need to finish out the day. It’s a steady, supportive feeling, while caffeine can give a chaotic jitter to your mood. When consuming the right strain and amount, cannabis can actually help you focus, or give you the energy you’re looking for without the consequences afterward. So you can consume cannabis knowing you’ll be good to go for the rest of the day.


Caffeine is highly addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms are often disruptive.

Some caffeine withdrawal symptoms include jitters, headache, light sensitivity, nausea, irritability and extreme drowsiness (because your brain is used to having that block from feeling sleepy). Most people you talk to will have a joking attitude about not being able to function until they’ve downed a few cups of coffee, but this is extremely disruptive to your day, especially if you’re often feeling upset or are in pain because of lack of caffeine when trying to stop drinking it so much.

On the contrary, stopping the consumption of cannabis is much easier on the body, and you most likely won’t feel an uncontrollable urge to consume it quickly after stopping. However, you may miss feeling relaxed and pain-free, especially if you have been using it to help other symptoms such as headaches or nausea. Aside from the lack of pain-relief in your body, some have reported to feel headaches more often or feel slightly down, and this has often been linked to those who were using cannabis to relieve symptoms of depression or sinus issues.


Another way cannabis can trump caffeine in the battle for the best stimulant, is that

Cannabis can actually help with some medical conditions, while caffeine creates more problems than it solves.

When consuming caffeine in higher doses, or while your body adjusts to a moderate amount, you can experience unpleasant symptoms such as upset stomach, heartburn, diarrhea, frequent urination, and headaches. Some people will never stop experiencing these symptoms because their bodies won’t adjust, but they will continue to drink coffee and suffer the consequences, because in their minds, the benefit of an energy boost is worth the discomfort.

However, cannabis can alleviate most of these symptoms, and can help many conditions such as joint pain, headaches, depression and anxiety, insomnia and upset stomach; but because of its bad reputation, it isn’t valued for its potential to support every day life. Sure, caffeine may be a socially acceptable way to wake you up before a big meeting, but consuming cannabis can be more beneficial to your health in other ways than providing energy alone.

And for those who are still imagining a bunch of lazy college kids sitting around snacking all afternoon while rolling joints, there are actually some types of marijuana that can provide natural energy and motivation, whereas caffeine just masks your lack of sleep for awhile. Which moves us on to our next prominent difference between caffeine and cannabis:

Caffeine doesn’t actually wake you up, it just prohibits you from feeling tired,

while the right strain of cannabis can actually give your body more energy. As stated previously, caffeine simply blocks the receptors in your brain from becoming attached to Adenosine, which makes you feel tired. However, cannabis can provide stable, real energy that isn’t a false premise. The most common form of energy-delivering cannabis is a Sativa, which has less THC than other types. A Sativa strain of cannabis can wake you up and keep you going, without a crash. So you can be on your feet, working hard, exercising, or spending a day with the family, and never have to stop to refill your travel mug.


At the end of the day, cannabis can do what caffeine appears to do but in a stronger, longer-lasting way, and one that can be better for your body. Feeling tired? Next time you reach for a cup of joe and avoid the potential of cannabis. Think about what you’re putting in your body, and how you want it to impact your day. Then, pick up a Thinc Pure Energy Cartridge to kick start your day the right way.