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About Thinc Pure

Thinc Pure offers a range of cannabis products and accessories made with a commitment to simplicity and purity. An honest approach, for an authentic product, created with the most natural ingredients on earth. Live life fuller, happier, naturally.

Thinc Products are All Natural

Pure, Clean, Free

Thinc Pure cannabis products are made with the purest ingredients on earth. Unlike most cannabis oils, ours aren’t cut with untested chemicals like polyglycol or butane. Instead, Thinc oils are 100% pure CO2 extracted cannabis, meaning you get the safest, cleanest, most natural experience possible.

Our Products

We provide strong, safe medical-grade cannabis oils and consumables, made from the purest ingredients in nature, to relieve your pain and improve your health and wellness.

Committed to a pure lifestyle

Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, you’ll find a perfect fit in the Thinc Pure family of products. Our 100% organic CO2-extracted cannabis oils are made from the highest quality trim, and aren’t cut with anything. That means you’ll get the cleanest, most potent experience possible.

We guarantee you won’t find a more pure, clean cannabis product on the market today. No chemicals, additives, or unnatural flavors. Just simple, honest, top shelf goodness.

When you want the best, Thinc Pure.

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